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120 West Lee Street Louisville, Ky. 40208 (502) 313-4848 
Alumni Association Director:  Mike McDaniel, Class of 1964

Last updated
:  June 4, 2018

NOTE:  See Above -- the Alumni Office phone number has been changed.

HALL OF FAME inducted 11 at University Club April 22.

In what promises to be the most diverse group of honorees, the new members were inducted into its 25th class.  Included are two venerable staffers, two college academicians, two retired military officers, an award-winning journalist, a world-class conchologist,
an athlete turned entrepreneur, a famous local artist and a former JCPS board member.  An informal reception at noon will precede the 1:00pm meal at the University Club on the University of Louisville campus.  Reservations can be made by calling the Alumni Office at 502-313-4848.  Tickets are $40 apiece.  The honorees:

Lawrence Bischof, 1916 -- lawyer/engineer who preferred to teach drawing, surveying and math at Manual for 46 years.
Gene Everson '59 -- world-class conchologist who claims to be Manual's #1 fan, athletically and academically.
Eugene "Big Gene" Garvin -- beloved security guard at Manual for over 30 years.
Dr. Denise Simmons Graves '76 -- professor/counselor at Montgomery (Maryland) College who was named "Outstanding Educator" by Maryland's Association of Higher Education.
Carol Haddad -- always a friend to Manual, served the JCPS as an elected Board of Education Member for 28 years.
Frank Howard '63 -- retired Air Force veteran, he initiated the development of attack drones and helped the FBI implement an automated fingerprint I.D. system.
Michael L. Jones '88 --award-winning journalist and a national expert on jug band music.
Norman Kohlhepp 1910 -- engineer, soldier, artist whose work resides in the Smithsonian and the National Museum of Art.
Dr. Sharon Parker '79 -- program manager for the USDA Forest Service, the first African-American Degree Marshall at Cornell University.
Malcolm Roessler '53 -- star athlete at Manual and Centre College who became a successful businessman and entrepreneur.
John M. Sweeney, Jr. '60 -- a 30-year veterav of the Marine Corps. the Vietnam and Persian Gulf Wars, who retired as a lieutenant Colonel.

Confused about the Crimson Mission newsletters you may have received?  This is a new and separate method to support the school and its activities and will not replace the quarterly newsletters. 


The grand opening was held May 15, 2017  Because our school was filled to capacity it was decided that the vestibule of the auditorium would be the best spot available.  Credit must be given to Bruce Dodson '64, who designed and built the cabinets to look like they were part of the original Halleck Hall building finished in 1934.  Bruce also designed the lighting system which has made the entire area "pop."  Kudos also to the design team from KYK Marketing who were responsible for the beautiful murals on the east and west walls.

Please visit us when you can.  You'll burst with Crimson pride.

YPAS Launches NAME YOUR SEAT Campaigns

     When you Name Your Seat an engraved nameplate will be placed on an audience seat to commemorate your donation.  You can honor a YPAS/Manual student or alumni; pay tribute to a special teacher, staff member or administrator; memorialize a friend; or leave a message of encouragement.
     The YPAS building will be undergoing a significant renovation during the summer of 2016.  Meanwhile faculty, alumni, students, parents and administrators prepare for the 40th anniversary of the school in 2017-18.  The Name Your Seat Campaign is a great opportunity to get involved and leave a lasting legacy in the Main Stage Theater.  Funds raised will be used to establish an ongoing fund to maintain and purchase equipment and technology.  For more information please visit The Producers website at, or for a pdf copy of the nameplate request form click here.

PARTNERS IN EXCELLENCE becomes "CRIMSON MISSION," a new adjunct to the PTSA to provide a more powerful and flexible tool to help the school meet goals for supporting important projects.

     The Crimson Mission, Inc. is an independent, non-profit organization that has been established to raise contributions to provide financial assistance to duPont Manual High School and the Youth Performing Arts School (YPAS) in Louisville, KY. Incorporated in 2015, the Crimson Mission, Inc.’s sole purpose is to raise funds and provide a third source of income beyond state and federal funding.
     As you know, a duPont Manual education is a unique education. Whether you, your children or friends attended Manual, you understand the “duPont difference.” From boxers, United States Senators and Mayors to astronauts, Olympic gold medalists and Broadway performers - you name it, duPont Manual has produced it. Consistently ranked a top public high school in Kentucky and one of Newsweek’s “America’s Top Schools,” duPont Manual High School has been exceeding expectations and producing top talent for over 120 years.
     The students at duPont Manual are not only gifted academically, they are gifted in other specialized areas as well — math, science and technology, performing arts, journalism and communication, visual arts and much more! Manual can proudly say that they are one of the most diverse student bodies in the City of Louisville, and in turn, creates worldly-minded students that are leading and working across the globe.
Founded in 2015, the Crimson Mission is a private, non-profit organization whose mission is to engage the vast duPont Manual Family by accepting contributions from alumni, community partners, parents, families and friends of duPont Manual High School to fund individual student needs and large-scale projects to enhance the duPont Manual education. Just imagine what the amazing students and staff at Manual could achieve with additional tools and resources! We ask every member of the duPont Manual Family to join us in our mission.
     You’ve experienced the “duPont difference,” and now we need your help to build the Crimson Mission Inc. Your tax-deductible donation today will support the Mission and our goal of honoring the past, empowering the present and ensuring the future of duPont Manual High School!   For more information and to donate, please visit the site here on the school's website.

DID YOU KNOW ...?  The school's website has a great interface for designing and ordering Manual-themed items, from hats, sweats, hoodies and more.  Check it out at


We are seeing an increasing volume of solicitations for class-reunion sites. A new one seems to surface every month. Most of these are commercial at some level and either solicit your personal information for marketing purposes or ask for a membership fee before permitting access to any significant amount of content from other users. They also consist solely of content that you provide, in some cases only after you have paid them to let you provide it. The duPont Manual Alumni Association does not subscribe to or endorse any of these enterprises. This site,, is the only official site recognized and supported by the school. We will continue to provide you with this free resource to connect with your classmates, organize and publicize your reunions, celebrate your accomplishments and publish your news. Just remember to keep us informed and we will keep you all in touch ... for free!

Some of these websites sell Manual-themed shirts, caps etc.  Be aware that any purchase made through these for-profit sites DOES NOT profit the Manual PTSA.  Please remember to purchase any Manual items directly from the school or PTSA.

We do recognize that Facebook can provide a convenient resource for individual groups and classes to post and publicize reunions and events, and we do not discourage its use, but we do not have the resources to maintain Facebook postings in addition to this site. We will continue to publish any Facebook links supplied to us as part of our service to facilitate reunions and meetings.

STAND UP AND CHEER could be reprinted.

We've had many requests for copies of Stand Up and Cheer, the Official History of du Pont Manual High School by Mike McDaniel.  The original press run in 2005 was 2,500 copies, all of which were sold in less than a year.  To make it feasible, even at a break-even point, 750 copies would have to be pre-ordered at $39.95 per copy plus $5 shipping and handling.  Proceeds would benefit the alumni association.  If you would be interested in purchasing a copy for yourself or a relative, please call the Alumni Office at 502-485-8023 and leave your information on the answering machine.

Alumni Dues are now due, still only $15/year.  Help us defray the costs of running the alumni office and providing its many services.
To join, please send a check payable to the Alumni Association (address above) and provide your contact information and graduating year.

PLEASE NOTE that memorial bricks are still available for purchase, to commemorate a loved one or celebrate a special event.  Form available here.

An endowed scholarship has been set up at Murray State University in honor of Manual Alumna Shelby Theiss. In this way Shelby’s memory can live on for years to come, and that memory can be shared with other youth who can learn from her beautiful example. Qualifying awardees must be from a Jefferson County High School, maintain a 3.2 GPA, and attend the School of Business.   More information is available here.

Attention all Manual KYA and KUNA alumni! The KY YMCA Youth Association would like to reconnect with you! We have so many new alumni initiatives (networking, volunteer & service opportunities, international trips, seeing old Y friends, and LOTS more!) that we know will be of interest to you. Please contact Emily Feeney, the Community Outreach Director, or visit us online,

New duPont Manual Historical Society is launched.  Learn more here.

Support the Marching Band ... learn more here.

Support the DuPont Manual Boys Soccer Booster Club!  An easy way to do this is by purchasing reloadable Kroger Gift Cards for $5.00.  You will receive $5.00 in groceries or gas at Kroger and each time you reload your card, Manual Boys Soccer will receive 4% back from Kroger.  Please contact Kathy Kotcamp, for information.
The DuPont Manual Boys Soccer Booster Club is in the process of building a “Soccer Locker” under the bleachers at Manual Stadium.  This will be used by the teams to house balls and equipment.  Any donations alumni would like to make toward this project would be very much appreciated.  Please contact John Ballard, for more information.

Bill Grubb, Class of '62 has started a blog with a primary theme of collecting stories, musings, photos, recollections, etc. of anything to do with early (circa late 1950’s - early 1960’s, i.e. pre-Beatles) teenage rock and roll bands in Louisville, KY.  Check it out and offer Bill some feedback on your memories of High School teenage rock bands, etc.  You can contact him via email (, google voice 678-273-2157 and skype: wgrubb2.

A New Boosters group is now forming!:
A CMA booster organization is in the process of being formed for parent and alumni supporters of duPont Manual's Communication/Media Arts program.  Anyone who would like to be on the email distribution list for information about the CMA boosters and to find out about our upcoming events can send an email to:

1964-1965 Concert Band Recording

... has been shared with us.  Click here for more information and the recording.


The University of Louisville School of Music Alumni Council has created an award for a graduate of U of L in Music Education.  Named for the late Robert B. Griffith, this award will recognize someone who has excelled as a music teacher in kindergarten through high school.  Mr. Griffith was the band and orchestra director at Manual from 1945 to 1961.  In 1961 he was named head of U of L's music education division and he remained a professor at the university until 1978.  He was a composer of over 75 published marches, including "The Courier-Journal March" written in 1972.  Every first Saturday in May at Churchill Downs his ballad arrangement of "My Old Kentucky Home," written in 1962, is played prior to the running of the Kentucky Derby.  That same year Griffith wrote "Fight U of L," the official school song at all U of L sporting events.

If you are interested in making a contribution, please mail it to:  Tedi Vaughn, Director of Development, U of L School of Music, Louisville, KY 40292, and mention "Griffith Education Award" in the Memo line of your check.  Thanks for this information to Quentin Sharpenstein, Class of 1961, President of the U of L School of Music Alumni Council.

We need your help to assist in upgrading Manual Stadium.

We are still selling bricks for the Spirit Wall at Manual Stadium.  The cost is still $100 per brick, or you may receive one free with a Lifetime Membership to the Alumni Association.  This costs $150.  Your brick may be inscribed with a maximum of 15 characters per line, maximum two lines.  Concrete pavers (17" x 17") are also available for $1000.  A paver  can contain a maximum of 6 lines with 15 characters per line.  Please make your check payable to the du Pont Manual Alumni Association and send to the school at 120 W. Lee St., Louisville, KY  40208.  View the brochure here.


     We would like to let our Manual alumni know that you don't have to be a current student or the parent of a current student in order to join the PTSA.  The PTSA welcomes everyone who cares about Manual and our students to join, and we would like to extend an invitation to our alumni to do so as well.  A link for downloading a PTSA membership form can be found on the PTSA website at

    Every year the traditional schools like Male and Butler boast a much higher PTSA membership than ours.  Last year, for example, though Male's student population was about 1,600 (compared to the 1,800 or so students enrolled at Manual), Male had over 2,364 PTSA members to our 1,975.  We would love to be able to prove that we have just as much support from the Manual community as they do.
    We would also like to invite any alumni who may be interested to sign up for our email newsletter.  It is mailed out approximately once a week as a supplement to our printed newsletter, and it contains information on campus events, reminders, and information that has a short turn-around time.



     HELP US KEEP OUR INFORMATION CURRENT!  If you move, please notify us.  This will assure that you will receive our mailings without interruption and will save the association hundreds of dollars in postage.   Either call the office or email us.



We have NO input on current Manual admissions.  Please see the JCPSMHS Site
or the School Information links for contact and other information.

We also do not necessarily have current graduation or other schedule information.
This site is administered out of the webmaster's home so we do not always have
current school information at hand.  Again, try the two links cited above.


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