duPont Manual Magnet High School

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Alumni Association Director:  Allen Goulder, Class of 1960

A Message from the Principal:  2001-02 - A Year of Excellence

Manual students have begun this school year with many accolades; here are just a few:

  • 44 National Merit Semifinalists
  • 4 African American Achievement Scholars
  • 16 current seniors with a perfect 4.0 GPA
  • One senior with a perfect score on ACT
  • $15.5 million given to Class of 2001 in renewal scholarships
  • Class of 2001 attending such prestigious schools as Harvard, Yale, MIT, Stanford, Duke, and the Naval and Air Force Academies.

I hope you are as proud of our school as I am.  It is a privilege to be a Manual Crimson! 
Sincerely, Beverly Keepers

The following 2001 graduates, according to the July 22 Courier-Journal, have recently won Merit Scholarships worth between $500 and $2,000 for each year of undergraduate study: Jessica E. Charnes, Joe W. Chiles, John D. Connelly Jr., Margaret L. Fenton, Jonathan K. Ilda, Benjamin A. Luckett, Kimchau N. Nguyen, Elizabeth W. Reisz, Mary K. Reuss and Jessica R. Vowels.

                                                           MANUAL GRAD PLAYS AT CARNEGIE HALL
     Eui Choi, valedictorian of Manual's Class of 2001, was featured in the June 29th issue of the Courier-Journal. Catherine Murrell wrote a story about Choi prevailing through three rounds of the Russian-American Music Association's Young Virtuosos at Carnegie Hall 2001 contest, competing against performers from across the country. This success won Choi the opportunity to play at Carnegie Hall in New York this past May. For his debut, he played Liszt's "Mazeppa."
     Choi has been studying piano since age 10, but his career goals lie elsewhere; when he attends Harvard University this fall, he is not even sure he will pursue music. He plans to concentrate on developing his knowledge of other fields. "Math and sciences are what I'm good at, so I was thinking economics and maybe bioengineering," he told Ms. Murrell.

 Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell (Class of 1960)
at the Inauguration of George W. Bush (Associated Press Photo) 

 Due to the generosity of many alumni and other friends in the Louisville area, the Youth Performing Arts School/duPont Manual Concert Choir had a terrific adventure singing at the Presidential Inauguration on Jan. 20.   Thank you for all your help and support on our behalf.   David Brown, Conductor

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