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This is a collection of images of Manual High and related places and sights. The archive is under construction, and more pictures will be added now that we have acquired a digital camera.

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1958 Band Pictures

Image6thumb.jpg (3579 bytes) Manual High School. The first day of school in 1892. Enrollment was 121. Today, it's near 1800. Image2thumb.jpg (3692 bytes) This is Manual present day. The tower on top is the only one like it the area.
The Mnaul "Fighting Ram" as drawn by Keith Vincent Class of 1988 This is a picture of the Ram in the "new Gym" that was donated by the class of 1981
Memorialthumb.jpg (4332 bytes) These two images depict the memorial dedicated to the soldiers in
World Wars I & II.
Memorial2thumb.jpg (4267 bytes) The memorial was placed at duPont Manual Stadium. Manual Stadium can be found in the Germantown area of Louisville.
Manual-Male84thumb.jpg (5185 bytes) Picture from the 100th Manual/Male Football Game Image4thumb.jpg (3199 bytes) The infamous tower!
Celestrialthumb.jpg (3397 bytes) This image of Manual was created by Kyle Underwood, Class of 1999 MHSDrawingThumb.jpg (3336 bytes) A drawing of Manual.
fundraiserthumb.jpg (32768 bytes) A fund raiser to build Manual Stadium.