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The following list consists of recent email sent to us for your information. To find a particular person or class hit <ctrl> <f> and enter what you are looking for:  name, class etc.    (Older posts are archived here).  To add your message, just send us an email note.
Last updated January 22, 2011

If anyone knows anything about any reunions let us know so that the info can be posted on the "Reunion" page.

A request from Ollie Armstrong Puckett, '58

Would the lady who was dating K. C. Armstrong in the early 60’s and made a trip to Winchester with him, “borrowed” my 1958 Year Book please return it to me.  Maybe you don’t even have it after all these years but it certainly means more to me with the messages of my many classmates.  She said her sister graduated with me and would like to look at the yearbook.  I was able to purchase a reprint for $60 from  It isn’t great but much better than nothing.  Thanks so much.  Ollie Armstrong Puckett

Joe Helvey, '64, says: "Hey guys< anyone remember me? My E mail is and i would like to find Joe Roundtree if he is still alive. He is 64 Class. Hi Edna< I live in Larue Co.Retired.Get to Louisville occasionally.What ever happened to Patsy Meeks?Norma Gorley, Pat Bishop, and Linda French?"

Norma Jo Hunt (Ansert), Class of '61, writes in: 
Married, five children. Eight Grandchildren.  Homemaker. Play tennis, exercise.  Class Reunion hopefully in near future?

Jewell Gardner Young, Class of  '62 says:  I would love to hear from my classmates from Manual.  I have attended only two of the Alumni Luncheons that was held at Hurstbourne Country Club, but I had so much fun talking to my classmates.  I had a lot of friends from 1960 - 1962.  My sister, Lois Gardner Jarvis, graduated in 1960 and my best friend,  Wanda Holland Mardis, graduated in 1961.   Please e-mail me at

I would love to hear what has been going on in your life.

Bill Grubb, Class of '62 has started a blog with a primary theme of collecting stories, musings, photos, recollections, etc. of anything to do with early (circa late 1950’s - early 1960’s, i.e. pre-Beatles) teenage rock and roll bands in Louisville, KY.  Check it out and offer Bill some feedback on your memories of High School teenage rock bands, etc.  You can contact him via email (, google voice 678-273-2157 and skype: wgrubb2.

Danny Head, Class of “63” says:  "Last post was 6 years ago and I have an update.  Things are very good for me and the biggest reason for that is I remarried.  I met a wonderful person 5 years ago and we married 4 years ago.  Her name was Paula White --manual class of “65”.   We met on EHarmony and eventually got together.  We live in Louisville and share 4 grown kids. We have lots of connections with friends from our days at Manual.  We are both happy, healthy and having a great time living life."

Dee Verlon Jones, Class of 1958 requests "WOULD LIKE TO CONTACT CLASSMATES OF 1958."

Charlene Menges Perkins, '60, says:  "Classmates,  I would love to hear from you."  Email her at

This is Jimmy Eldridge here and I am from the graduating class of 1999.  I am currently teaching middle school and am studying to be a principal. Feel free to email me and keep in touch.

Bridgette Dearing, Class of 1989, reports that she and many others have recently joined Facebook and are always looking for others in and around her class.  This is probably true for other years as well.  We note that many Manual alums have also joined Classmates, but this and similar sites always ask for payment before exchanging any real information.

Tom (Tommy) Lloyd, '62, says "I would like to hear from anyone from the class of 1962. I left Louisville for a stint in the United States Marines in 1962 and have resided in South Georgia and Florida since. I visit Louisville several times a year to visit family and friends. Would like to make contact and discuss old times at Manual....I also attended Gottschalk Junior High before Manual."

Barbara Fulton Stallard, Class of 1970, writes in:  "Hello Class of 1970.  I hope all is well.  We aren't getting older we are just getting better!"

Denise Beam, '89,
has a request:  "
To the Class of 89 - please go to and register!"

Rodney Napier, Class of 1959, writes in:  "Married 43 years to Judy Brown, class of 61, two children, completed doctoral course work at IU, taught at U of K and U of L in Recreation/Leisure Studies, presently Director of Programs at Cabbage Patch Settlement House in Louisville.  Live on 100 acre farm in Henry County raising horses, mules and bird dogs.  Wife is a retired Nurse.  Served in Venezuela, S.A as Peace Corps Volunteer."


Jordi Livi, '99, says:  "I would love to hear from any class of 1999 alumni!  I am currently doing a residency in Family Medicine in Scottsdale, Arizona."

Tom Zollinger, Class of 1963, writes to us from Wright, Wyoming:  "We will be moving back to Kentucky in 3 or 4 months.  We bought a hunting farm between Sandy Hook and Isonville for our retirement."

Chet Case, 1958, writes in:  "Hi everyone,   I would like to hear from anyone in the class of 1958.   Hope to hear from you soon."

A Message to the Class of 1977:

"Hi, my name is Violet. I was married to one of your former alumni, Doug Spriggs. I found this site actually by accident, was just reading some of the messages posted, and thought there may be someone out there that might be interested in Doug. Here goes, he served our country in the US Navy right out of high school. Medically retired after only 4 years (he wanted to re-sign, but wasn't allowed because of this), married me soon after, became a father to my two children and we soon had a daughter, Jessica, of our own. Doug loved UofL, nascar, laughing, and of course his family. Sadly, we lost him in 2005 as complications from his diabetes got the best of him. I just wanted him mentioned here somewhere as he truly loved telling me stories of his old high school, so I felt it was only fitting. Anyone, feel free to contact me anytime at, if you knew Doug or want to share stories. Would love to hear from you."

Samuel Smith, Class of '64, says:  "I'm working at RTIS,a sub-contractor for the Patent Trade Office in Alexandria,VA. Looking for 1964 graduates. Please write or call."

Bridget Cleary, Class of 1979, says:  "hey to all my classmates. shoot me a line let me know you are still there somewhere."

Lee Fey, also '79, says:  "Would like to hear from other classmates and if there are any plans for a 30 year class reunion."

Steve Kang, '91, writes:  "Just moved to St. Mary's, GA, to join a new Ob/Gyn practice and live by a beach!"

Pam Bolin Marsiliusen, Class of 1971, reports:  "Just wanted to let my fellow classmates know of the recent deaths of several of our class members. In the past 6 months, we have lost Todd Thomas, Patsy Paschel, Marsha Shupe Tucker, Irvin Fresh and Gary Johnson. We do hope to have our 40 year reunion in 2011. "  

Janet Boyd Sturgill, '60, says:  "I would love to hear from anyone that I graduated with or friends that I went to school."

Anna Allen Horsman, '68, says:  "Can't wait for our reunion.  I look forward to seeing all of my former classmates at the reunion."

Sonya Jones Chipping, Class of 1990, says:  "Would love to hear from anyone from the class of 1990!  Please send an email anytime."

Patrick Volpert, '85, tells us:  "I have spent the last several years exploring South America, including Venezuela, Argentina, some Puerto Rico, and Mexico too.  Also a fair amount of time in China and India.  All just good corporate fun.  Like the salmon though, I am back upstream to home."

Beverly Burlett, '65, writes in:  "Gotta question. Are there any other lesbians in our class? I've been out 35 years. I'm thinking of moving back down here. I'm sure not what I'd hoped to be in the heady haughty days of 65. Not blazing my way to a Pulitzer, but I am still searching. Have any of you found THE answer. (No Jesus stuff, please) Just soul-satisfying work. Been freelancing for years. Good at it, but tired of the gig."  Contact her at

The video from the 40th reunion of the class of 1967 is now able to be viewed on the class website at

James Bright, Jr., Class of 1965, says:  "I have both good and bad memories of Manual.. most of all I remember the students and teachers.  Miss Marshall, Miss Poore, Mr. Doolittle and most of all Mr. Pfeffer.  He gave me a love of this country and its Constitution which he passed on to my son who also was in his class at Eastern High School."

Shannon Payne, '88, writes in from Seattle:  "My Current Position: Senior Scientist, Epigenomics, Inc., a molecular diagnostics company.  Please add my email to my class email listing. I look forward to catching up with folks next year. Thanks!"

"Linc" Denise Marie Benkert, Class of 1967, says:  "Please contact me if we knew each other in high school - Thanks."

Danny Kirkendall, Class of 1956, writes in:  "Ole Danny is still kicking after 69 years.   All who remember me drop me a line at"