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DMHS Historical Society

A message from Jake Sims , Class of 2012, High School University:

Hello! I am currently a senior at Manual. My grandparents, Howard Wells and Margaret Billharz, were both graduates of the Class of 1956. I grew up listening to stories of Manual's vibrant history and colorful traditions. I've enjoyed listening to tales about the legendary Male-Manual football game and the school's start as an all-male manual training school in 1892.

Having an understanding of the school's colorful past and successful alumni, I have founded the duPont Manual Historical Society. This society is dedicated to preserving the rich history and tradition of Manual while fostering student/alumni relationships and creating resources for the continued development of the school community.

During my four years at Manual I have spent a lot of time in the Alumni Office. The office is filled with decades of old yearbooks, letterman jackets, and other school paraphernalia; but all of these interesting and historic items have been cluttered into the room you see below.

After speaking with Alumni Director Mike McDaniel and Principal Larry Wooldridge, we set out to create a space within the school building where these items could be proudly displayed. The "Manual Museum" will be a way to share Manual's history of excellence and diversity with students, alumni, and the public -- but we need your help!

The duPont Manual Class Challenge is a fundraiser to gather funding for this new and exciting project! Each class is asked to raise a dollar amount corresponding to the year they graduated. For example, the class of 1956 has been asked to raise $1,956. We hope that if each class meets their goal, we can begin work on the Museum of Manual. Here's what you can do!

Mail a personal check to the school, just as you would your alumni dues. Make sure to include:

* A note designating the donation for the "Class Challenge"
* The year of your graduation
* Payable to duPont Manual High School Alumni

I was fortunate enough to grow up hearing about Manual's history from my grandparents, others are not so lucky. The Manual Museum will be a way for Manual Alumni to share their past with students, teachers and the public. Please help us to share Manual's legacy with all of Louisville!

Auestions about how to donate or get involved? Please call Jake Sims at (502) 759-0500 or Alumni Director Mike McDaniel at (502) 485-8241. And watch this space in future to check your class's progress.


Jake Sims