Thought you might enjoy putting these on the website.
Terry Trovato, Class of '59
Snare Drummer

This was at Fairgrounds Stadium in 1958.  We were asked to perform at
halftime for a National Football League game between the then Baltimore
Colts and then Chicago Cardinals.  It had been pouring rain and the field
was a sea of mud.  Notice you can't see the yardlines, yet look how straight
our ranks and files are!  Practice, practice, practice.

This was taken as we were marching down the centerline of the street which
separates Bristol, Virginia, from Bristol, Tennessee; we were there for a
regional band contest  in 1958.  We took best Drum Major (Bob "Booger"
Taylor) and Best Band.  "Marching Manual" wowed the judges!

This was taken for the 1959 yearbook.  The site was the then open field
behind the school.

Friday night, Fall of '58.  Can't remember everybody's name, but I'll give
it a try.  From left, (can't remember bass drum player), cymbal crasher's
last name was Ford, then snare drummers Carl Schmidt, Terry Trovato, Alvin
Polk and Bill Wadsworth; tenor drummers Ronnie Nichols and Bob Gardner.

This is the famous "Marching Manual" formation.  At the end of each halftime
show, the band would march into the right end zone (if you were looking down
from the press box side) into a very tight block formation.  We would start
"Stand Up and Cheer" and first the "M" would emerge from the block, then the
first "A", then the "N" and so on (like the moving sign at Times Square in
New York) until
M A N U A L stretched the entire length of the field.